Simple Natural Cures For Bacterial Vaginosis

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Published: 19th November 2010
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Finding some natural cures for bacterial vaginosis can be a difficult thing to accomplish. Especially when you're not sure which treatments will help you eliminate bacterial vaginosis. I realize how depressing it can be. And that is why I want to share some natural cures for bacterial vaginosis with you.

By knowing what treatments to use and how to utilize them, you'll be able to end the symptoms you're having, and you'll be able to treat Bv fast. You will also be able to apply the remedies to treat Bacterial vaginosis if you ever get it back again.

An offensive odor, swelling and itching in the vaginal area are all symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. This is produced when the bad bacteria takes over the good bacteria in the vagina and it begins to flourish. The following information will inform you of the natural treatments for bacterial vaginosis.

Tea tree oil is the best way to treat the foul odor caused by bacterial vaginosis. Add several drops to the bath water, and it will take away the fish smell. Soak a tampon in the diluted oil and insert it into the vagina. To prevent an allergic reaction, make sure to dilute the oil with water. Undiluted it will cause a strong, burning sensation.

Another effective, natural treatment is colloidal silver. There are three ways it can be used: as a tablet that is taken orally, as an insertion or as a douche. Combine 20 parts water with one part colloidal silver to make a solution for insertion. Dip the end of a tampon in the mixture and quickly insert it into the vagina. Leave for a couple of hours.

Yogurt causes the natural bacteria in the body to grow, and it is one of the best natural remedies for bacterial vaginosis. Insert the tip of a tampon into yogurt, and insert it into the vagina for two hours. Eat 8 ounces of sugar free, natural yogurt every day.

The PH in the body tends to be more acidic if you consume apple cider vinegar. This helps the body keep the bad bacteria under control and allows the good bacteria to flourish. Take 6 ounces of water and mix it with 2 ounces of apple cider vinegar. Drink this three times a day. Soaking a rag in the same solution and using it to gently wipe the vaginal area will reduce the swelling and itching.

Drink 100 percent cranberry juice during the day. Avoid the kind with sugar.

It will assist you in managing bacterial vaginosis if you eat a healthy diet. Eliminate chocolate, soy sauce, cheese and sugar from your diet to manage the harmful bacteria. Stop drinking coffee, alcohol and sodas.

The majority of women have a dormant form of bacterial vaginosis, and although it's managed by the good bacteria, it's awaiting a chance to spread throughout the body. Utilizing natural treatments for bacterial vaginosis is the simplest way to cure the problem.

These are a couple of natural cures for bacterial vaginosis. If you want to get rid of Vaginosis fast, make sure you apply treatments. There are different cures that you can apply that will help you with vaginosis. If you don't want to apply the ones above, you do have different options.

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